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Texas Producers You Should Be Listening To

by Austin Ham |

Are You Aware of These Incredibly Talented Texans?

It is no surprise that Texas loves Electronic Dance Music. The amount of shows, concerts, and raves that come through the state of Texas leaves many opportunities to find incredible local talent. Over the years, between Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and many other cities across the state - dance music has skyrocketed in popularity - especially dubstep. 

10+ years ago it was hard to find a rave in Texas. Today there are hundreds every month. Not only has Texas shown their love for EDM, cities like Dallas slowly drifted towards dubstep. Bass music is now huge in Dallas, with many national acts (like Sullivan King) claiming Dallas is even the “new bass capital of the USA…” 

With lots of opportunities for more and more people to experience rave culture, many fell in love with the music. As the DJ became the new rockstar over the past decade, it isn't hard to find a kid with a controller/deck with Ableton, FL, or Logic loaded to their hard drives. 

From this, a new age of musicians has come to light. And WOW - there is a lot of talent residing in Texas at the moment. Many over the years have moved to places like Colorado, New York, Atlanta, and California - leaving Dallas once their brand and following starts to form. This, in our opinion, is the reason why hip-hop or trap music is so big in Atlanta or EDM in LA. These cities bread and curate talent.

Over the years though, Texas has been putting in work and the world is starting to see... In alphabetical order, below are just a few of the incredibly talented producers currently living in Texas. Go check them out to see what Texas has been up to!


Texas' Producers You Should Be Listening To

(As Of November 25, 2020 - in alphabetical order)

1. Ace Aura

Ace has been on a mission the last few years! We first met him through a remix competition we hosted in 2018 that lead to a booking at one of our shows in Dallas. Since then, we have seen UKF write articles about Ace Aura, Disciple and Circus Records releasing his tracks, and now being officially signed with United Talent Agency. Even Excision has recognized his talent and played his music during his live sets. with Ace on some tunes. Ace Aura has been a vocal leader pushing "melodic riddim "within the community. It's been incredible to watch him take off while still reppin' Texas proudly!

SoundCloudYouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

2. Champagne Poppers

What an incredibly fun duo these two are! If you are looking for a variety of melodic tunes to Bottle Popping bangers, they have what you want. Even Shaq drops a track or two of theirs in every single one of his sets. These guys know how to put on a lit show and bring an electrifying stage presence that we cannot help but love. The Champagne Poppers were recently signed to Prysm Talent Agency. We are excited to see their growth in the scene.

SoundCloud / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


3. Neonix

What do we have to say about him other than he has been a pioneer of the Dallas underground bass scene! Neonix has released through Disciple & DPMO records. Every tune he produces stands out and keep us interested and begging for more. Make sure you hit like on Neonix’s links below and follow him to keep up with his journey as he continues to be a leader within our community!

SoundCloud / Spotify / Facebook / Twitter / Insomniac


4. Mashbit

Mashbit, well he is just a bit of every genre, isn't he? This man is a creative genius, can shred the guitar and push boundaries within genres using unique sounds that are impossible to ignore. Go check his socials out below to catch more of his creative genius process as he is constantly sharing what he is up to in the studio. Since the first Dallas Open Decks where we met him to now, he always puts on a great show!

SoundCloud / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


5. Pink Fuji

Our man Pink Fuji (formerly known as Medulla) is full of talent and is bringing back the sound of OG dubstep. His rebrand has really made our jaws drop. We are loving what he is bringing to the table and we believe you will as well. This producer is sure to be going places, get on the Pink Fuji Train while it’s fresh! You’re about to hear a lot more from him soon so make sure you go and slap those Follow and Like buttons by clicking the links below!

SoundCloudFacebook / Instagram / Twitter


6. FullyMaxxed

Listening to his tracks really takes us to a place of peace and happiness. His music gives us Big Gigantic type of vibe. Also, his remix just won SKIOMusic's soundpack remix contest for a remix of a Clozee's song “Mirage”! You can listen to that tack by clicking here! It is very unique, and if you're into bumpin’ melodic tunes, you should definitely go check out his SoundCloud and don't miss out on that amazing Clozee remix. FullyMaxxed's music is really beautiful and chill, perfect to start your day with.

Soundcloud / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


7. Neoqor

Hardcore master Neoqor has been around for a while now, making some heart-racing tunes that are catchy and will get you in the feels. He has made a track with our personal favorite Happy hardcore artist S3RL. NeoQor has produced songs with his talented wife KittyChan on Vocals, and her voice is perfect for his music, as they are a powerhouse couple. There is not enough Hardcore artist out there, so we are proud of our man NeoQor. He is OG in the scene and has played with some jaw-dropping HTID artists and traveled around sharing his fun fast beats that always get us dancing. So, go hit those Follow and Like buttons by clicking the links below.

SoundCloud / Mixcloud / Bandcamp / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


8.  Perry Wayne

This man plays some in your face bangers that are sure to get you up and headbanging to! Perry Wayne is out there making moves that you don’t want to miss. He is supported by names like Borgore, Riot Ten, Spagheddy, Niti Gritti, and even Excision under his new label! He currently has released under Buygore and Subsidia Records with songs being played out at Ultra and EDC. His remixes are phenomenal, and we can’t wait to hear more of what’s to come from Perry Wayne. Check out his links below and give him a follow!

SoundCloud / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


9. Prosecute

Bass-heavy dubstep that is sure to give you bass face is what Prosecute is serving up Hot-n-Fresh!  His career’s momentum has helped set the pace for the talent that comes out of Texas. These tracks slap and are full of sounds that make you want to move and get going. These unique sounds are face-melting heaters, so if you want to warm up and get down to some dank new dubstep tracks, you best check out Prosecutes’ links below and hit those like and Follow buttons!

SoundCloudFacebook / Instagram / Twitter


10. Ray Burger

Ray Burger is grilling up some tasty Bounce House and bumping Bass House Music for your ears to enjoy. We have listened to him even on Diplo’s SiriusXM’s channel often. He slings Latin into some trap and hard dance to get you moving immediately. So, if you want to get down to high energy fun bouncy beats, then you should not miss out on this gem. Grub out on his good vibes and dance like no one is watching. Turn it up and have some fun with Ray Burger by checking out his links below. Also, don’t forget to follow and like his pages to stay in tune for future goodies.

SoundCloud / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


Written by: Austin Ham & Amanda Garrison