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Dallas' New Home for Ravers

by Austin Ham |


Yes, The Green Elephant (formerly known as Home Bar), has been put on "Dallas Observer's Top 100 Bars in Dallas" list! The Green Elephant has been around for 30 years now serving SMU and Dallas' lower Greenville Ave, but it wasn't until December 2017 that HAM Promotions LLC came in to change up the underground DFW rave community...

Dallas has had a long history with the rave scene, if you haven't heard of The Starck Club please google it. But for 25+ years "The World Famous Lizard Lounge" paved the way for our DFW rave community and being the top club in Dallas bringing the biggest and best DJ's through Texas every weekend. We remember hearing the weekly ads on the radio, as the line wrapped around the door for every concert. 

As the love for EDM and raving grew in Dallas, more events started popping up with new venues and DJ's touring through the area. Fortunately, The Green Elephant believed in HAM and gave us the venue to host our underground raves. As more DJ's started to believe in what we were doing in Dallas at The Green Elephant, we started to grow quickly booking bigger and bigger shows. MAYHAM 2019 and Low Freakquencies in particular proving The Green Elephant was slowly becoming a movement within the Dallas rave community. 

And then 2020 and COVID hit...

It has been over a year and a half now since the city went on lockdown. The Lizard Lounge is now closed. Other clubs are still just starting to slowly ramp back up. And we at HAM can't be more thankful for The Green Elephant's partnership to help keep the music alive during this uncertain time. We were able to provide safe and socially distanced events in the backyard that really provided something unique for the city and the EDM lovers looking for a safer option to still get out. 

During this time, both HAM and The Green Elephant doubled down on production and bookings to truly turn The Green Elephant into something new and special. Today, we are proud to announce that The Green Elephant is officially a "Top 100 Bar in Dallas" - Dallas Observer. Dallas is truly turning The Green Elephant into the new home for ravers and is becoming the number one (#1) club / venue to rave at. HAM official has partnered with The Green Elephant now to where we are hosting a show every weekend - so please look at our calendar to not miss any of our shows!

The Green Elephant's backyard is truly one of a kind with us given the chance to transform it every weekend with a lot of bass, lasers, lights, and world class DJ's. Even with Dallas Open Decks giving the local DJ a chance to play on the same stage as their idols along with playing to a large crowd. 

If you are a raver in Dallas and haven't been to The Green Elephant yet, what are you waiting for?! Come join us weekly with our upcoming events located HERE!

If you are a current member of the HAMFAM, thank you for raving with us and we hope you are enjoying our events as we continue to grow. Many more shows to be announced so stay tuned and come dance with us sometime!

For tickets to our upcoming events please click HERE.

See you on the dance floor at The Green Elephant this weekend for our next rave!