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by Austin Ham •


GET TO KNOW EREBUS BEFORE PLAYING MAYHAM 2023 We’d like to introduce you to EREBUS - Zach Leggett.   EREBUS, please share how you got started as we would love to know more about your story!- I got my start very early on, my parents were ravers so you could say it was in my blood. Once I got my first deck though, I knew I had to explore the world of mixing.What are you most proud of when it comes to your brand?- It welcomes everyone, we all have a bit of chaos within that in many ways manifests through dance, moshing, or flowing, and I like to think everyone can relate to releasing that energy through music. Moreover, I'm proud of knowing that I provide some of the best energy in stage presence if you walk away from my set saying anything it's “wow that was FUN”.What are your goals as an artist?- Currently i am to start shifting more into the producing route, ive been Djing for a while now and i think its time now more than ever to take that next step. Other than that i'm just trying to make my way.Any mixes and/or songs you would like to share? EREBUS CHAOS.VOL 1 (DJ SET) Check out more and follow EREBUS below: Twitter: @Erebus_Dub Instagram: @ErebusOfficial_ TikTok: @Erebus_Dub   Get tickets HERE for MAYHAM 2023!This is going to be one of the BIGGEST events Green Elephant has ever seen!