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by Austin Ham |


We’d like to introduce you to Paths - Daniel Riojas


Paths, please share how you got started as we would love to know more about your story!
-I think my real introduction to the scene had to have been back in 2017 at Lights All Night. Originally I went to go see Porter Robinson and fell in love with the community. Fast forward to 2019, me and my friends at the time started to go to events at Lizard Lounge and that was my first taste of what the energy Dubstep shows had to offer. Shortly after I saved up enough money to buy a DDJ-400. I wanted something to do to keep me occupied, and later on would post random dj clips on Twitter. People started watching the clips of me chopping in my bedroom and slowly decided to take things more seriously once I realized how much traction I was getting. I think during covid was when I first started blowing up on social media. Later debuted for my first live performance in 2020 to a sold out crowd at Green Elephant and the rest is history.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your brand?

-What I’m most proud of when it comes to my brand has to be that, you can be in the crowd one day watching your favorite artist. If you tell yourself, “I wanna be up there someday”.  You in fact can be up there! Putting in work into something you’re passionate about will always lead to good results!

What are your goals as an artist?

-Truth be told I never set out a goal for myself whenever I started the Paths project. I just always told myself to have fun with it, see where life takes me, and never let the spotlight change the fact that at the end of the day I’ll always be the same Danny when I first started this.

Any mixes and/or songs you would like to share?

- Currently I’ve just been trying to build my catalog up when I have the free time. But be on the lookout because I have something in the works for my friend Domatix that will be coming out in the near future!

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