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by Austin Ham |


We’d like to introduce you to Destroyah - Gabriel Avila.

Destroyah, please share how you got started as we would love to know more about your story!
-So growing up, I’d always been huge on music and always dreamt of starting a deathcore band, so I taught myself how to play guitar, scream, and sing in hopes of someday doing that, you know? But one day I went to my first show / festival (Sun City Music Festival in 2015) and something about that experience just felt so right; the crowds, the energy, the music, the production — it was such an insane experience for me and I knew I wanted to be involved, haha.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your brand?

-Honestly, I’m super proud of how strong the aesthetic of my brands are. I feel like a lot of my shit is very distinctly mine and most that are familiar with who I am know that. I put a lot of myself into my branding, expressing myself through it, and can honestly say it’s a big reflection of who I am. When I started my ‘destroyah’ brand I knew I had to build a strong enough brand that people would see it and think it was dope, regardless of them knowing who I am or not — I think I’ve accomplished that.

What are your goals as an artist?

-I’d say my goals with music are to provide the same escape my favorite artists’ music provides me, to someone else, you know? As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always been huge on music and it’s gotten me through so much in life. To be able to provide that same escape to someone else, even if it’s just one person, would mean the world to me. Aside from that though, I just wanna write dope shit, do fun shit with my homies, and help out as many people along the way as I can. I’m all about sharing the love and will always use my platforms to shine light where it’s deserved.

Any mixes and/or songs you would like to share?

-Absolutely, go check out my recent release w/ PHYS!XX, titled ‘Proton Scream’, as well as my remix of The Marías’ ‘Hold It Together’.

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