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HAM Promotions Presents: Symbiotic & SweetTooth

by Austin Ham |

Come RAGE with H.A.M. Promotions (Dallas’ Bass Enthusiasts) at the Green Elephant for the Trench Mouth Tour Featuring Symbiotic & SweetTooth along with incredible local openers (Perry Wayne, Hyden, Yoozd, and Grouch)!!

Symbiotic – In the depths of the Big Apple sits Symbiotic, a 20-year-old bass lord, specializing in tearing the face of his listeners. Better known to friends & family as Manny Pina, the young DJ & producer has already gained support from some of the biggest names in the game, including Excision, Downlink, Datsik, Liquid Stranger, Ajapai, Funtcase, Big Chocolate, Mark Instict, & more. Thus far, Symbiotic has already released on Datsik’s Firepower Records, Sluggo’s Ultragore Recordings, Xenomorph Recordings, & Exertion Records. Symbiotic has also worked alongside Rekoil, Maksim, RealTalk, Inf1n1te, Dubloadz, & others, giving him a large back catalog of releases. On the flip side, Symbiotic has already shared the stage with names such as Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Downlink, Dieselboy, Bare, Mantis, D-Jahsta, & more. Be prepared, Symbiotic’s reign has only just begun.

Coming from a hip-hop background, it didn’t take long for Symbiotic to catch on to the rising phenomenon of dubstep that had just begun creeping out into the world. His first Beatport release would be his collaboration with Rekoil & Maksim, known as “One Last Time”, which would release through Datsik’s Firepower Records. His next release would also be alongside Rekoil, with his remix of “Twerk It” by RealTalk. In 2013, Symbiotic would join the Xenomorph Recordings roster, releasing his “Juggernaut” EP through them in the fall of 2013, followed by his “Beefcake” release through Sluggo’s Ultragore Recordings. In 2014, Symbiotic has an EP forthcoming MrDubandBass’s Exertion Records, as well as other releases to come.

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SweetTooth – Hailing from the modern-day dance music capital, Los Angeles, SweetTooth emerged out of the desire to create music that makes you feel so good that you feel guilty for it. Bridging the gap between Electro and Progressive House, this innovative duo offers a unique sound that is the perfect balance between filthy and sweet. Having gained the support of German based media group Plasmapool, which is home to names like Miles Dyson and Mord Fustang, SweetTooth has definitely started off on the right track. Their first releases “Old Money” and “Spiderwebs (Something Real)” were released in December on Houserecordings and 12.inch.recordings respectively, a debut that was sure to make quite the introduction for these rising young stars.Keep an eye on Sweet Tooth, as they will soon be climbing the charts and lighting up the dance music world. Recently, SweetTooth even saw his song played out by many including (but not only) Funtcase and Cookie Monsta at Rampage (the largest dubstep festival in the world). We certainly can’t wait for SweetTooth to give Dallas a root canal again April 27th!

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Come early to rock out with our great local openers as well!!

-Perry Wayne




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